Why is connection important with colleagues and can team building help?

At ClueGo we are passionate about creating team building events that are fun, active and social.  We recognize that these elements help teams to build real connections with each other on a personal level.  But why is connection important? 

Having a good connection with your work colleagues can be important for a number of reasons

Benefits to the Business

First, it can help to foster a positive work environment, which can in turn lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction. When you have good relationships with your coworkers, you may feel more motivated to work together and support one another. This can lead to better teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving.

In addition, having good connections with your colleagues can also help you to feel more connected to your workplace and to the work that you are doing. When you feel supported by your coworkers and have a sense of belonging, you may feel more invested in the success of your organization.


Having good connections with your coworkers can also be beneficial for your own personal and professional development. When you have strong relationships with your colleagues, you may be more likely to seek out and receive support and guidance from them, which can help you to grow and learn in your role.

As well as these business benefits, human connection is just essential for our own well being.

Benefits to employee well-being

Connection is important for human well-being because it helps to provide a sense of belonging, purpose, and social support.

Having strong connections with others can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can have negative impacts on mental and physical health.

Conversely, having supportive relationships with friends, family, and other loved ones can have a number of positive benefits for well-being, including:

1 – Improved mental health: Strong connections can help to reduce stress and improve overall mental health by providing a sense of support and belonging.

2 – Increased happiness: Having strong social connections has been linked to increased happiness and overall well-being.

3 – Improved physical health: Research has shown that people who have strong social connections have a lower risk of developing physical health problems such as heart disease and stroke. 

4 – Enhanced self-esteem: Strong connections can help to boost self-esteem and confidence.

5 – Improved sense of purpose: Having strong connections with others can provide a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Overall, connection is an important aspect of human well-being and can have a number of positive impacts on mental and physical health for individual employees but also have a very real impact on the business bottom line.

Can team building help to create connections with colleagues?

ClueGo team building events go beyond the traditional approach to team building and works to also improve employee well being, by developing experiences that are fun, social and active and help them connect and build relationships with their colleagues.  Our motto is “ClueGo…the Fun Starts Here” and we believe for connection to be meaningful fun needs to be present.  Fun allows people to be themselves and get to know each other on a more personal level.  

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