Why Boston for Team Building?

The short and long of it is, team building provides so many benefits and Boston is an awesome place to offer co-workers the chance to build bonds.

Team building can boost morale and reinforce company culture.  But what makes Boston a great place for Team building activities and what are they?

What makes Boston a great place to get the team together?

Boston is best known for its famous baked beans (hence Beantown), Fenway Park, The Boston Marathon, the Celtics, Bruins and of course for the bar from Cheers, but dig a little deeper below the surface and you’ll find a surprising wealth of things that make Boston one of the best cities in America—and the world.  

The waterfront walk, the Rose Kennedy Greenway, Boston Common, the Freedom Trial are just a few of many reasons of why Boston is a great city to walk and explore.

Whether your staff includes a handful of workers or hundreds, you’ll find plenty of options to bring your group together in the Cradle of Liberty for a team building event.  You may be located in Boston and want an after work team social or a team building event to walk off that lunch.  Maybe you are just visiting the city and using one of its many venues for meetings and conferences and want a team event to explore the city.

Or perhaps you have a new cohort of workers or students and want to have a fun way to orientate them and develop some team bonding moments.

So what team building activities are there to do in Boston?

Whatever you are looking for Boston is likely to offer some awesome options to get the team together for some team bonding and team building experiences that are bound to be popular with the whole team.

#1 - ClueGo

It would be negligent not to mention a ClueGo experience as an awesome option for a fun, active and social team building event in Boston.  Although our scavenger hunt and treasure hunt experiences can be set up to play anywhere, Boston provides an epic backdrop with its history and its walkability.  


Choose from our selection of uniquely crafted team building activities that are designed to engage, involve and motivate anyone and everyone in the team.  Our budget friendly events come in multiple formats.  We make it simple.

Another awesome thing about a ClueGo team building experience is that we can start and finish from any location you like in Boston. So whether that is the office, a conference centre, a bar, restaurant or hotel we have you covered.  Want a different location to finish, no problem. This is a great way to transition from a team lunch back to the hotel or from the office to a dinner reservation!


Whether it is a team social event during the day or after work followed by food and drinks, a breakout activity at a conference or an orientation activity for new staff a ClueGo experience is perfect and will appeal to everyone who will have fun. It can be tailored to your needs and be designed to ensure no extra logistics are required (no transportation needed or fear of losing members of the group getting to a new venue!).


Contact us and speak to one of our experts today.

#2 - Sisho Kitchen

Shiso Kitchen is the brainchild of Chef Jessica Roy. The Kitchen is a welcoming space, created to bring food-lovers together, inspire creativity & fun, and encourage culinary curiosity.  Located in a bustling foodie neighborhood in-between Harvard and Union squares, Shiso Kitchen is amid all of Boston’s hot culinary action.  

Shiso Kitchen specializes in cooking classes for anyone to enjoy-  including for team building.  This is awesome for smaller teams and a great way to learn a new skill and have a great bite to eat made by your fair hands!

Chef Jessica Roy, Food Network contributing host, former Le Cordon Bleu Chef Instructor, Left-Handed-American-Female Sushi Chef, Food Columnist, Personal Chef, and all around adventurer has a diverse culinary background. With a palette & training inspired by world travels, and delicious ingredients, her cooking style is one that revolves around sharing good food with good friends, and good fun. To learn more about Jessica, visit her website:  Or for information about Shiso Kitchen team building activities check out

#3 - Paintball and Laser Tag

If running around, working as a team and hitting a target is your thing, then Boston has a number of paintball options for your team building delight!  One of the premier providers, Boston Paintball has three locations both outdoor or indoor so whatever time of the year you are good to go!  

We know this may not be first on a team bonding session, shooting at teammates to build relationships seems a little counterintuitive but plenty it’s a big hit with many.  With three different options to choose from such as traditional paintball, low impact and splatmaster there is something that may fit your team building objectives.  

If you want a little more science fiction and lower impact than laser tag is a great alternative to paintball and for some will work better for building those relationships! Using laser guns that emit infrared light, individuals or teams can score points by hitting targets or capturing the opposing team’s space. There are a number of laser tag facilities in the Greater Boston Area such as LaserCraze (North Andover), LazerZone (Randolph and Marlboro), and Laser Quest (West Roxbury and Danvers). Visit the websites to find more information about hours, rates, and other events.

#4 - Escape Game experience

Escape rooms can help to build key skills within your team, such as collaboration, communication, decision making, problem solving – and stamina! They can also be a good way for a team to rehearse its response to high-stakes situations and challenging times.

There are countless options for an Escape Game experience in Boston, around 8 at the last count in downtown alone.  With the likes of Trapology, Escape the Room and Boxaroo to name just three, you will have lots of options to choose from for some team fun and teambuilding!

However, if you have a larger group sometimes it may be hard to accommodate and may involve some teams sitting around until it is their turn to test their wits and see whether their team work can pay off to solve the puzzles and crack the codes.  Also maybe you don’t want to be trapped in a room or stuck inside if the weather is nice outside!  No problem if that is the case check out EscapeTrails who offer an awesome outdoor escape game experience which is great for a single team but is great when you have a large group between 12 and 1200 people.  Combining the best parts of a traditional escape room with a scavenger hunt then a little amazing race thrown in for good measures.

#5 - Get crafty

If you want something a little less competitive and collaborative and more of a shared experience there are no end to the opportunities to get a little crafty together in Boston.  Getting creative may not fit the traditional checklist for a teambuilding event but is a great option for team bonding where the objective is to do something new and different together as a team.

Find your inner Picasso in one of the most creative team building activities in Boston. Facilitate collaboration and release stress as your team creates a masterpiece, regardless of their skill level with paint and sip in Boston – check out The Paint Bar could be a good in person option.

Another option is to get your community involved to create a large mosaic together.  Each person creates a small piece and mosaic artist Audrey Markoff combines them into a large work of art.  A great artsy way to bring the team together for a team building experience with an end product that could be pride of place in the office!  SoWa Mosaics studio is located in Boston’s historic SoWa Art District.

Summary of team building options in Boston

This short article just covers 5 different options that cover options from an active and competitive Paintball and Laser tag event to something a little more calm and relaxing like a cooking class or painting, to some collaborative art, like making a mosaic.

We also covered why an Escape room may be something good for teambuilding and some outdoor options such as EscapeTrails offering a puzzle and clued filled adventure to ClueGo where you will take part in an epic GPS scavenger hunt where the city becomes your playground!

Good luck with selecting a great team building activity for the team.  If we can help then please do not hesitate to contact us.