Step It Up - An Interactive Game Which Rewards Walking!

Cluego are proud to offer our totally unique healthy remote game designed to help your health & wellbeing at home through a fun and rewarding challenge!

This unique game is a totally new approach to remote team building where players can only play if they get up from their desk to exercise. 

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How does it work?

Using an odometer in your phone our app will count the steps you take during the day. Once you reach a certain amount of steps the app will reward you with a badge to unlock a challenge on the virtual map.

The more you walk or run through the day the more badges you get and the better chance you have at beating your colleagues. 

You will also be able to access a realtime score board and distance report for all players.

Challenge your staff over a week or more

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This game can cater for large groups of players and perfect for international companies looking to engage their employees globally.

You could also use this game as a great way to raise money for a charity.

Step it Up Smartphone app

a steps challenge that can be made bespoke to you

We can provide you with a standard game or include additional challenges that you wish to include from your own content. 

We can also create a virtual route map that links up your office locations or places of interest.  

All of this is possible and a great fun way to engage and incorporate a healthy learning tool for your staff.

An image from the Step It Up app in Rome
A screenshot of the Cluego app

The more effort you put in the more awards you will receive!

A screenshot congratulating someone for taking 400 steps on Step It Up
An iPhone which is congratulating someone for reaching a goal in Step It Up

Walk or run as far as you can each day to unlock a series of fun challenges.

We can set the steps required to any distance and use this to extend the duration or difficulty of your game.