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Complete fun challenges every day

Go Remote is our  flexible virtual team bonding game that can run for 1 week or more with fresh challenges sent to the players each day.


Each day your employees will be challenged to compete on fun trivia, brain teasers, problem solving tasks and a host of creative and activity based photo/video tasks.


A live leaderboard will show the progress of other players as well as your own scores.


We also provide a slide show of the players photo and video tasks at the end of your game . This is a great opportunity for everyone to see what the other players have been up to 🙂

A team taking part in GoRemote on a Monday


Someone texting
An image of GoRemote on a Tuesday
Go Remote game on an iPhone

fun creative puzzles and challenges

A picture of a woman on a phone
GoRemote game on an iPhone

Crazy challenges all shown at the end of your game!

An iPhone showing the game How Is Your Day

How is your day going?

A picture of a dog taken on an iPhone

Show us your pets 🙂

A picture of a pizza on a phone

Chef skills

Someone partaking in exercise on a smartphone

Burn some calories!

Available for iOs And Android

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we can also aDD your own challenges for a more bespoke game)

A Question part of a Cluego custom quiz

Multiple choice questions that can be configured to your own content.

Guess - A card game for one from Cluego

Tap the correct letters to spell your answer.

A game of Pairs - One of the games you can play as part of a Cluego team building game

Test your memory skills!

A screenshot from the What Happened Game from Cluego

Hilarious what happened next questions

An iPhone which is being used for a Cluego VR game

Virtual reality based tasks with hidden clues

An iPhone encouraging someone to complete their exercise challenge of a Cluego game

Its not all about questions! lets keep active during the lockdown.

An FAQ image of someone thinking

Will it work for my team?

We have provided our Go Remote game for groups of 10-650 players all competing against each other globally so no matter how many staff you have this game will work!

what do we need to play?

Our app works on iOS (apple) and android phones. Simply download it from the app stores and await the login details.