next level quick Fire

60 minutes of fast paced fun!

Next Level Quick Fire is the best fun you can have in 60 minutes for any conference or event energiser!

It’s highly competitive, full of laughs and seriously interactive. Perfect for all spaces and groups of any size

Onsite Event Management

Perfect For Groups Of 30 – 500 Or More


Conference ice breaker activity

Fast reactions win!

Tasked with a pack of 100 Quick Fire challenge cards, teams are confronted with a  quiz questions, memory games and puzzles. All of which have different points depending on the difficulty level you are playing.

Hidden in some of the challenges are surprise photo and video tasks designed to get the players being, shall we say ‘creative’!

Oh and look out for Augmented Reality objects that must be collected to bonus points.

All challenges are also set to a fastest team first setting which means the leaderboard is constantly changing throughout the game and there will only ever be one winner!


1 hour of frantic fun

You can also add brand or conference message related questions to enhance the game  whilst your guests compete to be the best. For 45 minutes to an hour your guests will be frantically scanning codes,  carrying out crazy photo challenges and running aorund collecting AR.

All this is possible and an amazing way to do something different at your next event.

This activity requires nothing but a team of 3-4 people a venue space to create a seriously fun energetic activity. 

There are so many ways that we can use the activity to enhance your event so please contact the Cluego team and we will be more than happy to chat through the possibilities with you and create a tailored package.