play in multiple locations
at the same time!

Our events can run simultaneously in multiple locations!

This is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking to include more than one city or branch into the ultimate team building game. With a Multi-city package, you can do exactly that, and get everyone – no matter where on the globe – involved.

We will create a game that is designed for every team to be able to play despite their location. We aim to be able to do this within the same time frame but sometimes there are time differences!

Multi city scavenger hunts
A team building event around the globe!

designed to engage people across the globe

Teams can communicate with all locations and the global live leaderboard will be available for everyone to see – only enhancing the competitive spirit. 

We recently provided a Christmas event for a client with offices in London, Malta and Spain enabling them to interact with the whole company remotely. 

This provided the client with a cost effective solution to their annual get together – although the teams were in different countries. 

It’s a new and inventive way that is far from your average team building event and will 100%  be the talk of the office all year. 


A team taking an image as part of a corporate scavenger hunt

Lots Of Fun Challenges!

The Scavenger hunt is built upon GPS hotspots which are activated by walking into them. Only when your teams arrive at the GPS location will the task be revealed and by looking at the interactive map you will be able to choose a selection of highly interactive and exciting challenges. From Jigsaws to memory games, Trivia to music, you will not be short of entertained.

You will also be prompted with multiple photo and video tasks, All of which are great opportunities to score points, ( as these are the only challenge where points are determined by your Gamemaster). So make these good!

Don’t forget, no game is great without a little competition! Throughout, you will be able to tease and delay other teams by using gadgets and messages. 

A Real Scavenger Hunt

A Scavenger hunt needs a hunt for treasure!

Not only are you awarded with points for every challenge you answer correctly, but also given objects. These objects relate to the relevant icons on the map. For example, if you are awarded with a key in our Pirate game – then you will be able to unlock the relevant chest on the map, revealing a huge point bonus. 

But be careful! These Chests are first come first serve, meaning you will need to be fast if you want to get ahead of other teams.

A team enjoying a Cluego game in Istanbul
A Cluego scavenger hunt challenge where a man poses with a statue


All these challenges and so much more. Messaging, Gadgets, QR codes and floating challenges are all involved if you desire within our app. 

Our events are planned with interaction and team work at the top of our priority list to ensure you have an amazing day with us at Cluego.

Please call or use the contact page and we can talk you through what will be a very memorable and exciting team building day for you, your team and clients.



Our events are suited to people of all ages and abilities.



Our games can be played indoors and outdoors without limitation.



Our events are provided with highly experienced events managers.



We guarantee you will have an amazing day out with us!