GO boat

Are you ready for serious ADVENTURE!

If running around for clues on foot around Boston is not enough then why not add the adrenaline rush of CodZilla to finish off this action packed GPS scavenger hunt!

Go boat is a mixture of an on foot land based scavenger hunt with added monstrous fun finishing with a thrill a minute ride as you scream across the water at up to 40 MPH, hittng hairpin turns and 360-degree spins!

Onsite Event Management

Perfect For Groups of 20 upwards

Speed Boats

4 Hr Event Duration

speed thrills and deadlines!

All you need to do is provide us with a start and end venue. Our event manager will run the whole event for you and see that everything runs smoothly on the day.

Set with a deadline, teams must arrive at the dock or miss out on a great water based experience!

As soon as your teams have left the venue the game is on to complete as many tasks as possible within the time limit!

Your event manager can be contacted through the app and will be eagerly awaiting your return for the medals and slideshow!

Get set - Go!

As with all our scavenger hunts Go Boat is a great way to get your teams hunting around the streets of Boston racing to victory!

You can chat with all the other teams via our app even track them as they approach a challenge before disabling their iPads for a brief period of time!

A scavenger Hunt Like No Other

Our Boston GPS scavenger hunts are not your normal team building day!

We have various hunt themes which are constantly updated and involve some serious competitive gameplay.

Our Next Level format for example has 3 levels of difficulty that can be selected by a team at any time to change the points system from easy to medium and hard. 

Teams can also trigger invisible zones that unleash virtual characters on the map resulting in huge point reductions if they do not escape in time!


Our scavenger hunts are not just a walking quiz, even more interaction is included with puzzles and challenging mini games.

All these challenges can be customised and branded to your company on request. These are just a few examples of what to expect.

A custom branded games section made by Cluego

Spin the wheels and match the words, it’s as simple as that!

A screenshot of the Next Level game by Cluego

These are our favourite tasks, designed to bring out the creative side of your teams!

Next Level - A custom branded game from Cluego

Step out your comfort zone and show us your dance moves!

Test your memory and beat the clock as you tap the squares to find the matching pairs.

A quiz on an iPad- part of a custom branded game offered by Cluego

Answer a whole host of fun random trivia but keep an eye on the timer!

Test your memory and beat the clock as you tap the squares to find the matching pairs.