GPS scavenger hunts

your adventure awaits!

TURN ANY SPACE INTO AN AMAZING Team Building Experience!

Scavenger hunts are a great way of getting people together for a fun filled afternoon jam-packed with belly-laughs and timeless memories. 

Not only are they enjoyable and something different to your average team build, but they also come with loads of benefits such as; improvement of team morale and relationship bonding.

Whether you are looking for a fun packed day in the city or a thrilling experience indoors. We have a scavenger hunt for every situation. 

Choose from a selection of our well-developed formats that have been mastered to involve, engage and motivate. 



Go Urban

Pick Go Urban for a competitive and fun filled on-foot Scavenger hunt. 

Go Boat

Go for Go Boat and experience a serious action based scavenger hunt!

Go Custom

Choose Go Custom for a individually designed event tailored exactly to your needs.

Go Indoors

Select Go Indoors for a seamless and jam packed Indoors Scavenger hunt.

Ice Breakers

Choose Go Custom for a individually designed event tailored exactly to your needs.

Events Tailored To You

We also provide a custom format for clients who want something that little bit more personal and tailored for their day. We can create a completely custom route, designed to however you would like it – containing your own bespoke questions/challenges along the way.

Or, if you  just want to add a few bespoke bits in, we can do that too.

All you have to do is ask.

Boston Team Building Scavenger Hunt
Conference ice breakers

Take The Outdoors Indoor

It’s not all about the outdoors either as we have 2 fantastic indoor options for you with Go Indoors and the new Next Level Quick Fire game.