4 Things that Your Christmas Party Should Do!

Do you have to organize your annual Christmas party, festive get together, social team meetup?  If so, how do you know what experience to put together that is going to be a success?  Are drinks at a local bar ok?  What about drinks and food? What about team bowling? 

We hear you being put in charge of this can be a political minefield and may well put undue stress on you at this time of year.  So we have put together four simple things that you should think about when organizing your holiday get together.


Your top 4 priorities that your team building Christmas get together should achieve

The truth is, Your Christmas party shouldn’t be organised because you “have to have one”. Don’t settle for the bar and don’t settle for the basics.

Bring out the best in people

Whatever you organize you want to try to bring out the best in people.  Don’t organize something that may bring out the darkside in people!  Therefore organize something that is low stress and low stakes.

We all know that some colleagues just won’t respond well in certain situations.

A little thought can ensure that everyone feels safe and comfortable and the environment provides the best opportunity for people to show their best sides.


Be inclusive for all

Does everyone drink? 

Does anyone have food allergies or are they following a special diet that would make booking a restaurant that suits everyone attainable?

Does everyone like shooting each other at Paintball or want to be locked in a room altogether in an impossible Escape room?

A team with their Cluego medals in Boston

Encourage teamwork, connection and participation

An experience that allows the team to do something together and encourages them to talk to each other, see each other in a new light and make those connections that are going to build, grow and cement those relationships well into the new year.

Be careful this is a holiday get together it should be fairly low stakes with the emphasis on fun!

Have people walking away with a positive experience

At the end of the day you want people to look forward to the next team event, whether that is next month or next year!  Therefore it needs to be fun and create some shared memories that people will look back on in a positive manner.


This can be a difficult task balancing out the wants and needs of the whole group.  The good news is ClueGo can help.


With ClueGo, We tick all the boxes in a fun, affordable and engaging activity that acts as Team Building but feels like a reward – and we aren’t stopping you from getting the drinks in after!