2023 Trends for Team Building

As we reflect at ClueGo on our successes in 2022 and plan for 2023 moving forward, we have predicted a number of trends.

These trends point towards the demand for team building events to be more fun, social and active (and outdoors where possible!).

Fun and Social Activity that can be done ANYWHERE

One of the things that drives ClueGo success is the fact that we can create an awesome event where the client wants it! This means no more getting to a venue to bowl some balls, throw some axes or be stuck in a room you need to escape from!

Our teams are busy at work and at home, so we have seen more and more demand to do our ClueGo outdoor and indoor events at convenient locations.

This could be round the office complex, the nearest town or city or where your meeting is taking place.

This saves logistical problems and adds extra time on to do activities (or less time doing them).  With a ClueGo experience booking is as simple as sending an email or calling us and then we turn up and after a 5 minute briefing the teams are out having fun, getting active and being social.

When it has been a little cold our indoor events are equally as versatile with Ice breakers such as Next Level QuickFire which is ideal as a 60 – 90 minute fun and social activity for teams to work together.  Whether you are at a workshop, conference, restaurant, or or your office this is a great activity to book.

Virtual team building

At ClueGo we will continue to offer virtual team building activities as the prevalence of remote work looks set to continue and increase further.  With more remote teams, building connection to support the formation of relationships and foster a sense of community among team members will be an important focus for fully remote and hybrid teams.  Where teams are geographically dispersed this option may continue to be the only practical solution for some teams.

A team celebrating their Cluego team building game win

Office days team building activities

In 2022, we saw the trend for companies embracing remote working but wanting staff to be hybrid, where they spend a number of days in the office. 

We feel that in 2023 this will continue, with days in the office being punctuated by briefings, training and time to bond with teammates.  We found that a team get together that was fun, active and social was also being used as a way to entice employees into the office but was found to be super beneficial for building bonds with work colleagues.

Our ClueGo scavenger hunts proved to be successful for team bonding and team building activities.  They are perfect as they can me organized with a quick email or phone call and on the day teams are up and running in a few minutes after an initial briefing and iPads being handed out

Outdoor and adventure based activities

Team building activities that take place in an outdoor setting or involve adventure-based challenges, such as hiking or ropes courses, can be a fun and effective way to build teamwork and problem-solving skills.

We found that in 2022 businesses wanted to get their teams outdoors and active and see this trend continuing.  However, we found that many clients came to ClueGo because our outdoor scavenger hunts are active but low stress and stakes. 

With businesses having diverse teams a ClueGo experience proved to be awesome in engaging and appealing to all members of a team unlike a rope course or other outdoor adventure.

Cluego Team

Experiential learning activities

Team building activities that involve experiential learning, such as simulations or case studies, can help teams develop specific skills and knowledge while also fostering collaboration and communication.

We certainly feel that teams who are needing to grow and collaborate better will always benefit from a more structured experience that allows for reflections and debrief so teams can look at how they worked together in a team, during a ClueGo scavenger Hunt.

At ClueGo in 2023, we will develop this offering and work closely, we have partnered with leadership and workshop facilitators to offer this option.

Wellness-focused activities

Team building activities that focus on physical and mental wellness, such as yoga or mindfulness sessions, can help teams build resilience and promote a positive work culture.

At ClueGo we feel that our outdoor scavenger hunts certainly fit in here with the wellness-focused activities.  We believe that connection and building relationships is a key part of wellness and ensure that our team building scavenger hunt experiences maximizes the opportunities to have fun, get active and be social in a way that appeals to most of the team, where yoga and mindfulness may not!

Conference ice breakers