10 Reasons why a ClueGo Scavenger Hunt is a great team building activity

If you are wondering or trying to convince the boss why a scavenger hunt is an awesome team building activity, then read on.

Cluego Scavenger Hunt - Out With The Old And In With The New!

Corporate team-building activities normally bring shudders about trust falls, string related challenges or making a raft.

As a team leader, you’re probably wondering what else to do to pull your team together and foster a positive atmosphere and create a shared experience. When you’re handling a team of professionals, you want an activity that is going to be fun, build relationships and create memories.

A scavenger hunt is traditionally a game in which the players — either individuals or teams — compete to see who can obtain the most items from a list. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, not necessarily it depends on what is on the list and how creative the organizers have been!

At ClueGo we have upgraded what a scavenger hunt is using state of the art technology and over 40 years of experience in the teambuilding sector. 

After taking your team selfie, you’ll be able to see your play area, aka – your route.

Oh, we can’t pretend it’s that easy! Teams must watch out for point deductions via the monsters chasing them on the map, and worse of all… other teams – As you will have the opportunity to delay other teams gameplay.

A GPS scavenger hunt experience with ClueGo is an epic outdoor (although we can make it indoors too) team-building adventure which is fun, active and social and is guaranteed to be a winner for a small or large team event.  

If you’re wondering why choosing a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt game as a team-building activity is a good idea, read on.

Scavenger hunt team building benefits

Explore the city (or anywhere for that matter)!

A benefit of a scavenger hunt is that you can do it anywhere you want!  Just create a scavenger hunt that suits the environment and location where you are.

At ClueGo we have done Scavenger Hunts that are inside a conference centre, an office or university campus, in the city centre, a neighbourhood, in cars and on boats.  The bottomline here is that a scavenger hunt is active fun.  How active depends on you!  

Rather than being stuck indoors, having the opportunity to be outdoors and active with the team can be appealing. 

A scavenger hunt is good whatever the weather, just make sure to dress appropriately!

We have many clients at ClueGo that may be just in the city for a few days so want an activity that allows them to explore the city while having fun, being active and social to make the most of the time they have together. 

A scavenger hunt is a great way to tick all these boxes in one go.

There Are In-Person, Remote and Hybrid options for team building

If you want a hands-on interaction with absolutely no distractions, it’s best to do a scavenger hunt in-person. But if the team is in different cities or countries, it could be better to hold an engaging virtual or remote event within the comfort of your team’s homes. So, if you’re one of those challenged by distance, why not try our very own virtual activities.

However, with a scavenger hunt it is perfectly possible for teams in different locations to do an in person event where everyone in the different locations are completing the same challenges.  With our technology there are also possibilities to form alliances where a team in Boston could be working with a team in London in real time as they are exploring the streets and scoring points together.

There Are So Many Options to choose from

With a scavenger hunt type activity there are so many options and directions you can go with it.  Do teams collect items, have to collect information, scan QR codes, find the answer to questions or take photo or videos?  Or do a combination of all these. 

You have options to create challenges which you know will be fun for the team or challenge them in a very specific way that will help develop their teamwork or leadership skills.  A reflection of how the team performs in a scavenger hunt can be a great way to make connections from the office and identify issues in safe way.

With a ClueGo scavenger hunt, GoUrban is our most popular option by far, but we are often tweaking this so it fits with what the client needs.  We also offer many custom options to make the experience fit with your objectives for the day.  Some clients decide to go completely BeSpoke and we create an awesome scavenger hunt that fits perfectly with their needs and objectives for the teambuilding event. 

This could be to change the theme (for example a festive theme for Christmas) and create a story line or to be in a multi-city event where teams play the same game at the same time in different cities.  

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Exposes Strengths And Weaknesses

Scavenger Hunts allow teams to collaborative in a fun and low stakes experience. However, this allows the teams to see members in a new light.  The one you expected to take the lead in the hunt may end up cracking puzzles or producing creative ideas to gain the most points in a task.

Or maybe the quiet team member actually turns out to be the funny guy or has wicked strategic thinking to help the team conquer the challenges.  Having a scavenger hunt as the main team building activity is full of surprises that reveal a player’s hidden quirks in a safe environment that everyone will enjoy.

Makes The Players Communicate With Each Other

If your team is not used to regularly chatting or sharing ideas and strategies, you may want to make them bond to improve their communication skills. During scavenger hunt team-building activities, the players will need to decide where they go, what they do first and their strategy.

In a ClueGo scavenger hunt experience they will also need to share creative ideas on how to score maximum marks on photo and video challenges.

Boston Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Enhances On-The-Spot Problem-Solving and Collaborative Abilities

No one can fully prepare themselves for a scavenger hunt no scavenger hunt is the same! Sure, players expect to perhaps find things, do tasks and challenges, but they have no clue as to what kind of things they will actually be doing!

Players will be challenged to work together and strategize and aren’t able to prepare anything beforehand. Problem solving in this low stakes environment is a great way to exercise the problem solving and collaborative skills necessary in an office! 

A great outcome for any team building experience.

Improves Time Management Skills

Scavenger hunts could last an hour or three, a whole day, weekend or month.  However, a time limit is usually imposed in some way shape or form. The average time for a ClueGo Scavenger Hunt is between 2 and 3 hours (although we do plenty that are shorter and longer!).

Due to the time constraint, players are motivated to make do with the time they have and do their best to get as many points before time runs out and get to the finish location!

In a ClueGo experience teams lose 100 points for every minute they are late back (this does not happen often!).  Teams usually figure out a strategy to maximize the amount of points they can get in the time they have available and some strategies are damn right genius and multilayered!

Natural Leadership Skills Are Manifested

Although scavenger hunts are fun, active and social, teams often still need someone at different times to facilitate discussions and make final decisions where there is not a consensus reached.

In a scavenger hunt where the aim is to complete the most challenges successfully and gain the most points, leaders may emerge for different challenges. Because not all groups are well-oiled machines, one will feel the need to step up and take charge.

This act will reveal the member who has hidden leadership skills that can be used even in the corporate setting.  We see this quite often in our events when teams arrive back and they are blown away by a member of their team and how they came through and whipped the team into shape.

Creative Thinking Is Challenged

What the players will encounter in a scavenger hunt will normally be far from their usual tasks.

In a ClueGo scavenger Hunt participants  will be tasked with questions relating to local landmarks and a whole range of crazy photographic and video based challenges. 

In the office setting, the players might be used to getting things done in a snap simply because they have mastered it or because they follow a method.

So, if the team is used to things being done in a certain way, this is a good way to make them think out of the box, look from a different perspective, be creative and use new problem-solving strategies.

Scavenger Hunt Team Building Boosts Camaraderie

Let’s face it, a scavenger hunt is about working as a team and having the shared experience.  Teamwork is of utmost importance. Everyone has a role to play. Even those having trouble coming up with creative ideas or answering the trivia can cheer for their team and help out by participating and being enthusiastic participants in creating the ideas that are suggested. No one is left behind. Win or lose, they all did their best working as a team, had some fun and explored the city. At the end of the day, they’ll find themselves basking in the spirit of teamwork and in the fun and memories they created.


Scavenger Hunt experiences team-building activities really have a lot to offer teams large and small (which is another benefit I suppose – scavenger hunts are so scaleable from small groups of 12 up to groups over over 1,000. 

Right from improving existing skills to character growth, to boosting company morale, your team-building will surely be fruitful if it involves a fun, active and social experience such as a scavenger hunt.  You can even amp up each team’s motivation to win by having different prizes for different types of challenges. The fun as well as the possibilities in crafting an interesting scavenger hunt team-building experience are endless.


If a Cluego Scavenger Hunt seems right for you and your team, then please contact us today.